Veto B-28 downdraft boiler

Wood boiler, Veto B-28 downdraft boiler

The wood boiler Veto B-28 is a downdraft boiler (wood boiler), intended for use with firewood. All B-28 boilers have a domestic water coil and shunt included in the standard delivery, which enable to have direct heating without an accumulator. The recommended accumulator size is 500 – 1500 l. The Veto B-28 downdraft boiler (wood boiler) is also available with an acid-resistant sheet for the fuel container. The recommended pipe length is approx. 6 m.


Technical specifications:

Length, external measurement: 1000 mm

Width, external measurement: 510 mm

Height, external measurement: 1060 mm

Width, flue gas conduit: 230 mm

Height, flue gas conduit: 130 mm

Flue gas conduit height from the floor (to the middle of the conduit): 90 mm

Domestic water coil: 1 pc incl. in standard delivery

Mixing valve: 1 pc

Heating circuit outputs: 1 x 1.5”

Fuel container, volume: 135 l

Fuel container, size: 400 x 400 mm

Capacity: 28 kW

Weight: 350 kg

Water volume: 160 l


Electric heating element connector,

electric heating element (6 or 9 kW),

acid-resistant fuel container,

another mixing valve (shunt),

burner aperture (for the stoker

Images of the Veto B-28 downdraft boiler:

Read/download the broc­hure for Veto-downdraft boilers here:

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