Accessories for biomass heating

Biomass accessories for VETO devices

There are many accessories available for VETO biomass devices, which makes their use easier and safer.

Veto rotary feeder

Rotary Feeder (VETO-biomass heating devices)

The rotary feeder enables to use an open fuel silo, as well as giving plenty of installation possibilities for the fuel silo. The rotary feeder is available in two sizes. The smaller rotary feeder is for the Ø 125 mm feed screws, and the larger one is for the Ø 160 mm and Ø 200 mm feed screws. The structure of the rotary feeder together with the automatics ensure that the fuel feed is safe and uninterrupted.

Veto pneumatic cleaner

Pneumatic cleaner (VETO-heating devices)

The Veto pneumatic cleaner is available as an accessory for Veto heating boilers. The pneumatic cleaner discharges compressed air when instructed to by the control panel. With short bursts of compressed air, the fire surfaces of the heating boiler remain clean. The three important characteristics of the pneumatic cleaner are: 1) increased efficiency, 2) less maintenance work required on the heating boiler, 3) the service life of the heating boiler will increase. The Veto pneumatic cleaner is available for all Veto heating boilers, from 30 kW all the way to 990 kW.

Automatic ash removal

Automatic ash removal (VETO-biomass heating)

There are various options for ash removal in heating boilers. Ash screws are available as either push screws, pull screws or two-part screws. Ash screws considerably reduce the need for maintenance work on the heating boiler. Furthermore, ash screws improve operational reliability, the service life of the heating boiler, as well as its safety. For 300 – 900 kW heating boilers, ash screws also available for the convection part (the back part of the boiler).


Veto burnerheads (40 – 990 kW)

120kW poltin (liikkuva arina)

120 kW movable grates burnerhead.

Veto 640 kW (6-2019)

640 kW movable grates burnerhead.

Ala-Talkkari’s burning equipment for solid fuel has been fitted with a separate burnerhead, to be installed into the boiler. With Veto burners, it is possible to burn various types of solid bio-fuel, such as wood, peat, and plants that are suitable for burning, and that have been processed to the right size for burning. The control and burning technique of Veto burnerheads also enables to recover heat with an excellent efficiency (›90%), even when the type and quality of the fuel varies. Burnerheads are either air-cooled or water-cooled, with fixed grates or movable grates. Burnerheads with movable grates keep the output even, and significantly reduce the formation and accumulation of waste on the grate. The possibility of replacing the grate and the moving parts make Veto burnerheads reliable and durable.


The oxygen-controlled Lambda, M, L and XL control panels

Control panel (biomass heating)

The Veto control panels are based on programmable logics. We use high-quality components from Siemens in our control panels. The capacity of the burning device is adjusted by the temperature of the boiler water. The quantity of the fuel and the air is controlled based on the measurement of the residual oxygen in the flue gas. The Veto control panels keep the burner within the best efficiency range, even when the capacity and the quality of the fuel vary. The most important auxiliary functions of the heating equipment, such as the ash screws, the flue gas fan, soot-blowing and flame control can be automated with the help of a logic control system.

Veto remote control

Remote control (heating)

The Veto remote control enables to monitor the operations of the boiler facility online, on your computer, phone, or other mobile device. Fault alarms are sent to your mobile phone as a text message, or they are visible online on a computer, which enables to have a quick response time in emergency situations. The remote control is an accessory, which is available for the Lambda control panels (Veto Control M, L and XL).


GSM alarm centre

GSM alarm centre

The text message based GSM alarm centre can be added to all Veto control panels. The GSM alarm centre will send the most important alarms of your heating equipment directly to your mobile phone.


Electric ignition

Electric ignition (biomass heating)

The flame control automatics of the electric ignition systems ignites the fuel in the burner, after which the burner’s control panel will continue in automatic mode according to the set values. The advantage of electric ignition becomes particularly apparent during seasons with small heating news (spring, summer, autumn). In this case, the heating equipment only produces heat when necessary, and will not run the heating equipment intermittently. Consequently, the heating boiler will remain cleaner, and its efficiency will improve, in addition to saving fuel. This accessory package includes an ignition fan, a switching centre, and the software. Electric ignition can be installed on all Veto control panels as an accessory.

Ash box


Ash box (wood chip heating)

The ash box is intended as an accessory for boiler ash screws with a capacity of approximately 800 or 1500 litres. There is a designed space for pallet trucks at the bottom of the ash box, to make transportation easier. The large fill volume of the ash box enables to have long intervals for emptying it.


Flue gas cleaner

Flue gas cleaner (wood chip heating)

The Veto flue gas cleaner separates particles from flue gases into a separate container within the cleaner. The fan of the cleaner is controlled by control automatics, which maintains the required negative pressure in the combustion chamber of the boiler. The chimney connected to the flue gas cleaner can be considerably shorter than a natural-draft chimney. The Veto flue gas cleaner is recommended for 220 kW and larger Veto stoker boilers.


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