Veto Cont S

Veto Cont S biomass heating container

The Veto Cont S biomass heating container is made for the capacity range of 60 – 150 kW. Summer-time use at a small partial capacity is a problem for many, but the Veto Cont S operates reliably even then, thanks to its advanced control system. Its reliability is also ensured by the semi-circular feed pipe, which is positioned so that even larger pieces move effortlessly. The feed pipes also have removable lids, to help with maintenance and cleaning. The spacious fuel silo of 14 m³ ensures a long fill interval, and a versatile selection of fuels guarantees effortless and affordable heat production.


Technical specifications:

Capacity range: 60 – 150 kW

Silo volume: 14 m³

External dimensions: 3 x 4.4 m (height 3.4 m)

Weight: 5000 – 6000 kg

Building process follows steel structure standard EN 1090

The basic package includes:

Veto-stoker boiler, burner, spring agitator (burner device), ash screw, Veto Control M control panel, 1 x pipe input/output isolated, safety valves, filling devices, ventilation valve, expansion tank for the heating boiler


GSM alarm,

Flame control automatics,

Ash grate,

Movable grate burner (150 kW standard),

Domestic water coil,

Extra pipe outputs,

Mixing valve,

Circulation pump,

Adjustment automatics (domestic water),

Energy meter,

Heat exchanger

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