Biomass heating containers

Veto Cont – biomass heating containers (60-2000 kW)

Biomass heating containers from Ala-Talkkarilta

The Veto Cont – biomass heating containers, which have been completely built and fitted at the factory, can start operating quickly. You only need to connect the heating channels and the main power, and the biomass heating container will be ready to produce affordable heat. When situated separately from other buildings, the heating biomass heating container is also a fire safe choice. The following options can be used as fuel: wood chips, briquette, peat or pellets. The versatile range of fuel options ensures that the heating production is effortless and affordable. Many accessories are also available for the biomass heating containers, according to the customers’ requests. These include, for example: extra pipe outputs, ash removal, automatic soot cleaning, GSM-monitoring, remote control system, timber claddings, and access ramp. Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing biomass heating devices. Ala-Talkkari’s Veto Cont – biomass heating containers use Veto stoker boilers as the heat source, which meets best officially tested efficiency requirements of category 5.

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