Veto 8

Biomass heating – A strong Veto 8 burner from Ala-Talkkari

Veto 8

Biomass heating. The Veto 8 burner has been designed to solve to the challenges of contemporary burner equipment. The 8 m³ silo enables a large load of fuel to be added to the container during a single loading. The silo has a low filling height (min. 1700 mm), and the sturdy spring-loaded structure enables to use various types of solid fuel.

The semi-circular feed pipe ensures that the fuel is fed into the burner evenly. The structure of the burning device enables to remove the feed screw without moving the equipment. The silo’s air-tight lid, the AVT-A valve, the wax plug, and the programmed rear flame retardant ensure that it is safe to use this stoker. The control panel is the A-T Log 1, with cutting-edge technology, which makes the device easier to use. The silo’s filling direction can be adjusted in four different ways.


Technical specifications:

Length, external dimension: 4720 mm

Width, external dimension: 2820 mm

Height, external dimension: 2330 mm

Fuel container volume: 8 m³

Capacity: 40 – 120 kW

Weight: 800 kg

Control centre: AT Log 1


Movable grate burner,

Flame control automatics,

GSM alarm,

Lambda control panel (Veto Control M),

Feed screw extra metre (up to 5 m),

Extension silo 3 m³,

Fuel drop section,

Compartment feeder (incl. a rotary feeder)

Images of the Veto 8 biomass heating burner equipment:

Read/download the broc­hure for the Veto bio­mass hea­ting devices:

Biomass heating from Finland.