Veto Spring Agitator

Bio heating burner – Veto Spring Agitator

Veto Jousipurkain (stokeri)

Bio heating burner. The Veto Spring Agitator is a heavy-duty bio-burner device for solid fuel, intended primarily for medium-sized and large premises, as well as a burner device for district heating facilities. The spring agitator has a smooth feed, which unloads fuel mixtures of uneven quality, as well. The spring agitator, which is fitted with a rotary feeder, can be positioned on the bottom of an existing wood chip storage container, for example. The shape and size of the bottom surface of the wood chip storage can vary between 2 – 5 m. The silo’s volume of 15 – 100 m³ enable the fuel loading intervals to be long. The Veto Spring Agitator with a container is available with a 40 – 640 kW burner. The feed screw size Ø 125 – 200 mm (depending on the capacity of the burner).


Technical specifications:

Length, external dimension: 2 – 5 m

Width, external dimension: 2 – 5 m

Height, external dimension: –

Fuel container volume: 15 – 100 m³

Capacity: 40 – 990 kW

Weight: 1200 kg

Control panel: At Log 2


Movable grate burner,

Flame control automatics,

GSM alarm,

Lambda control panel (Veto Control M, L, XL),

Remote control for the control panel,

Silo’s bottom section (2.8 x 2.8 m, side height 0.3 m)

Images of the Veto Spring Agitator (bio heating burner) equipment:

Read/download the broc­hure for the Veto bio­mass hea­ting devices:

Biomass heating from Finland.