Ala-Talkkari’s­ 2-tube V-snow blowers

AT 231

traktorin lumilinko

AT-231 is designed for 45-90 hp tractors. It is popular basic snow blower with low price, what has been manufactured over 15000 pc. Snow blowers structure is strong and wing angle is optimal. At AT-231 model has the best capacity on the market for heavy snow (wet snow) when comparing at its size class. Hydraulic snow hatches is available as an extra accessory.

Images of the AT 231 snow blower:

Dimension drawing for AT 231 snow blower:

lumilinko mittakuva (AT 231))

AT 251 2G

Photo: snow blower with accessories

Sturdy snow blower models for contractor use. The basic structure of these snow blowers has been in production since 2002, but their details have improved over time, in collaboration with their operators. The AT 251 is a direct-drive snow blower model, fitted with 8 swinging feed platforms, as well as a stationary throwing impeller. The model with the stationary impeller is clearly the most fuel-economical model. The AT 251 V has the same technical characteristics, but it is fitted with the sturdy domestic Peurala reduction gear. This gear is the most reliable gear model used on the domestic snow blower market.

Images of the AT 251 2G snow blower:

Dimension drawing for AT 251 2G snow blower:

AT 251 V 2G

alennusvaihde lumilinko

Images of the AT 251 V 2G snow blower:

Dimension drawing for AT 251 V 2G snow blower:


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