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Ala-Talkkari ja Nordtec snow blowers

snow blowers and sand spreaders

The snow blower range from Ala-Talkkari and Nordtec includes a tractor-operated snow blower for clearing snow from the parks and properties around the city, as well as for long stretches of road which require a high speed of driving. Veljekset Ala-Talkkari Oy’s range of snow blowers includes V-blowers and lateral screw blowers. The V-blowers have two alternative snow feed options: feed platforms and feed screws. Both of these feed options have their undeniable advantages, by which the different snow blower models have been optimised to function in the best possible way. Lateral screw blowers are always fitted with feed screws. Ala-Talkkari and Nordtec snow blowers are manufactured in Finland, for variable Finnish circumstances.

Ala-Talkkari- and Nordtec-snow blowers

Ala-Talkkari’s and Nordtec’s SL sand spreader is tractor-operated, and it is also suitable for contractors. The design of the sand spreader has taken into consideration its operational reliability even with poorer-quality crushed stones.


Ala-Talkkarin U-aura 4800 is an efficient and versatile universal snowplowgh for the tractor.


Watch the video on making the AT-231 V snow blower here: