Biomass boilers

VETO-biomass boilers

Heating with VETO biomass boilers is natural heating. The VETO biomass boilers are efficient, economical, easy to use, and environmentally friendly central heating boilers, which have been designed especially for use with solid fuel VETO bio burning equipment (incl. wood chips, peat, pellets). The boiler models range from 30 – 990 kW. VETO biomass boilers use vertical convection, which reduces the cleaning intervals of the boiler considerably. The large furnaces of the boilers have been designed particularly for bio fuels. The maintenance, soot removal and inspection hatches have been designed to be user-friendly. The orientation of the boilers can also be freely selected by the customer (e.g. the furnace on the left, on the right, or at the front). Fixed and movable-grate burners (furnaces) also available for the boilers.

Biomass heating boiler - Veto 700 kW

 Biomass heating - Veto 60 kW

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