Veto Cont M

Veto Cont M – Heating house

Heating house- Veto Cont M

The Veto Cont M – heating house (for biomass) is the right choice for the heat production needs of agricultural and industrial facilities, and even of real estate companies. The available capacity range is between 150 – 500 kW. The large silo means that it does not have to be refilled with fuel often. The Veto Cont M biomass heating container models are available with 23 – 32 m³ silos. Wood chips, briquette, peat or pellets can be used as fuel. Back doors and access ramps are among the accessories available to make the filling of the silo easier by directly dipping from a trailer.


Technical specifications:

Capacity range: 150 – 500 kW

Silo volume: 23 – 32 m³

External dimensions: 3 – 4.5 x 6.6 m (height 3.6 m)

Weight: 8000 – 15 000 kg

Building process follows steel structure standard EN 1090

The basic package includes:

Veto-stoker boiler,

flue gas cleaner (>220 kW),

water-cooled and movable grate burner,

cooling pump for the burner,

spring agitator (burner device),

rotary feeder,

two-part ash screw,

Veto Control L control panel,

dry run protection,

1 x pipe input/output isolated,

safety valves,

filling devices, ventilation valve,

expansion tank for the heating boiler


Pneumatic soot-blowing,

GSM alarm,

Remote control,

Flame control automatics,

Ash grate,

Extra pipe outputs,

Circulation pump,

Energy meter,

Heat exchanger,

Back doors and access ramps to the fuel silo (door height 1 m),

Ash screws for the convection part (>300 kW),

Flue gas cleaner (150 kW)

More images of the Veto Cont M heating house (for biomass):

Read/download the complete broc­hure for Veto Cont M – heating house (for biomass) here:

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