Veto Cont 800 Grain

grain drying biomass container


• Base measurements 3,5m x 7,6 m
• Weight ca. 12 000 kg
• Panels RR21 grey; frame, doors and roof structures black
• Available left or right handed
• Antti BIO 800 negatively pressurized heater
• Flue gas fan + a 2 m stainless steel chimney
• Spring Agitator/ Fuel storage, silos volume 21 m3
• Moving grate 800 kW burner with primary and secondary fan
• Rotary feeder and pressurized independently operating water extinguishing system
• Electronic thermal detector for burner’s auger
• Hydraulically operated roof
• Power plug for a 32A wall socket and a connector for drying data
• Two-pieced ash screw with 800l ash box
Right handed: boiler on the right side


• Boiler room EI 60, silo EI 30
• Veto Cont can be located in the immediate proximity of the dryer
• Veto Cont fulfills government regulations and the high standards of insurance companies in Finland
• Ala-Talkkari provides technical drawings for the Cont
• Solutions to justify the fire classifications are presented in the drawings to ease possible inspections
• Building process follows steel structure standard EN 1090


• Plug & Play – setup
• Veto Cont is tested out and pre adjusted in the factory
• Cont is ready to use after assembling chimney and power is plugged on
• Volume of the silo operating on woodchips is enough for a single drying session of approximately 24 hours
• Roof opens almost straight up therefore fulfilling fuel from the side is possible
• Veto Control M AIR has 100% modulation (energy demand driven control of feed), which leads to stable grain drying air temperatures

Accessories for the control:

1. Automatic ignition (Starts heating automatically)
2. Tosibox (Remote control)
3. GSM-alarm

More images of Veto Cont 800-grain drying container: