U-Plow 4800

U-Plow 4800


U-Plow 4800 is efficient and versatile universal plow, which is suitable many kinds plowing jobs. Snow controllability and removal is exellent because of turning end wings. Designed specially for large yards, like shopping center parking lot or for example factory yars, but will be suitable also road sections.


  • Short stucture, weight point will be close to tractor
  • Simple and reliable floating
  • Sprung blades
  • Pressure accumulators for wings and middle section
  • Easy to change bracket
  • Everything has been designed easy to maintain Everything has been designed easy to maintain
  • Electricity controlled hydraulic valve
  • Double net plades as std.
  • Hardox pins at the edge of wings
  • Led side marker lights as std.
  • wear resistant, rotating and removable skids
  • Standard length plades


Technical information:

  • Width min. 3000mm -> max 4800mm
  • Height 1130mm
  • Weight 1150kg


More images of U-Plow 4800:


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