Wood boilers

VETO – wood boilers from Ala-Talkkari

When choosing a solid fuel boiler, Ala-Talkkari’s VETO downdraft boilers (wood boilers) are an exceptional choice. The VETO B-28 and B-40 are single-container downdraft boilers. These boilers have been fitted with a top-loading storage container, which can be filled up all the way to the top. Due to the downdraft principle, the combustion event can be adjusted very well. The fuels that can be used in this wood boiler include firewood, wood chips and peat. Pellets can also be used on the burner for solid fuel. The burner for solid fuel can be bought as an accessory for VETO downdraft boilers. In addition, we also have the Veto BK dual container boiler.