Veto Duo

Considering heating with pellets? The Veto Duo – a strong unloader and large silo volume


The Veto Duo (burner device) is a sensible choice for pellet heating if you need a strong unloader and large silo volume. The silo of the Veto Duo consists of four different fuel container elements, with two separate spring agitators. The fuel silos can be connected to each other easily, and the transportation and the installation are easy. The size of the fuel container is 8 x 5 m, and the volume of 60 – 120 m³ means that fuel refill intervals can be really long. Depending on the solution design of the heating station, the silo can fit up to 400 m³. The Veto Duo is available with a 160–990 kW burner. The size of the feed screw is Ø 200 mm.
Several types of fuel can be used in the Veto Duo: pellets, briquette, peat and wood chips. Thanks to the Veto Duo’s control system, and the structure of the burner device, for example two different types of fuel can be mixed in a controlled way, because both unloaders operate simultaneously, filling the intermediate container. It is also possible to use only one of the unloaders. Because of the two independently operating screw conveyors, the operational reliability of the burner device is doubled.

 Technical specifications:

Length, external dimension:  8 m
Width, external dimension:  6 m
Height, external dimension:  –
Fuel container volume: 60 – 120 m³
Capacity: 160 – 990 kW
Weight: 5500 kg
Lambda control panel: Veto Control XL
Movable grate burner (40 – 120 kW),
Flame control automatics
GSM alarm,
Remote control of the control panel,
Silo base section (8 x 5 m, threshold height 1.2 m)

Images of the Veto Duo pellet burner device:

Read/download the broc­hure for the Veto bio­mass hea­ting devices:

Biomass heating from Finland.