ATS 250 2G 1-tube V-snow blower

Photo: snow blower with accessories

This sturdy continuous-feed single-tube V-snow blower is intended for cleaning up snow even in tight spaces, where the direction of the blown snow must be controlled. The reversible wear plates have been made from Hardox 500 wear steel, with extra wear for the fastest-wearing frontal parts of the plates. The rear plate is attached by bolts. The blower’s operations are secured by coating the impellers with polyethylene. This coating material dampens the sound of the blower, and it is easier to start and stop cleaning up snow when the splatters and the snow do not become stuck on the impellers.


Technical specifications, ATS 250 2G:

Operating/transportation width mm: 2500

Fitted with a snow wall cutter mm: 2600

Planing width mm: 2500

Power requirement kW: 55 – 80

Weight kg: 760

Feed screw diameter mm: diameter 760, feed platforms

Blower impeller quantity/strength mm: 4/10

Throwing chamber diameter mm: 800

Height of PTO shaft from ground mm: 440

Throwing chamber depth mm: 310

Throwing chamber material: Hardox 400

3-point hitch/A frame: CAT 2/yes

Reversible blade: smooth/serrated

Blade material mm: Hardox 500/14

Screw-attachment rear blade/material/mm: yes/Hardox/400/12

Spline shaft: 1 3/4

Polyethylene coating on the impellers: yes

Cardan shaft included in the delivery/type: yes/EGT 80

Accessories, ATS 250 2G:

Wheel equip­ment (non-reversible),

Hydraulic lip control,

Snow wall cutter,

Loading extension for the snow fennel

Ima­ges of the ATS 250 2G snow blower:

Dimension drawing for ATS 250 2G snow blower:

ATS 250 2G

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