Veto BK Double chamber boiler

Wood boiler, Veto BK double chamber boiler

The Veto BK is a double chamber boiler (wood boiler) for solid fuel; alternatively available for oil and electric heating, as well. Due to the downdraft burning principle, the top-loading fuel container for solid fuel can be filled to the top with various types of fuel, such as firewood, wood chips and peat. The recommended fuel container size is 500 – 1500 l. Thanks to the separate oil container, the burning method can be changed quickly and effortlessly. Solid fuel burner available as an accessory for VETO double chamber boilers.


Technical specifications:

Length, external measurement: 850 mm

Width, external measurement: 800 mm

Height, external measurement: 1060 mm

Width, flue gas conduit: 230 mm

Height, flue gas conduit: 130 mm

Flue gas conduit height from the floor (to the middle of the conduit): 90 mm

Domestic water coil: 1 pc incl. in standard delivery

Mixing valve: 1 pc

Heating circuit outputs: 1 x 1.5”

Electric heating element connector: –

Fuel container, volume: 135 l

Fuel container, size: 400 x 400 mm

Capacity: 28/28 kW

Weight: 380 kg

Water volume: 180 l


electric heating element connector,

electric heating element (6 or 9 kW),

acid-resistant fuel container,

another mixing valve (shunt),

burner aperture (for the stoker)

Images of the Veto BK double chamber boiler: