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Vetomat – biomass heating device for solid fuel

Vetomat is a biomass heating device (for solid fuel), fitted with a 500 l fuel container and a 40 kW burner, intended primarily for heating private houses and other small premises. Vetomat is a sturdy and adjustable ensemble, which can be used to produce bio-heat automatically and in an environmentally friendly way. The low filling height and the freely chosen filling direction are a part of this boiler’s adaptability, and above all, its user-friendliness.

The cast-iron burner head with a spout has a high combustion efficiency, and any heat radiating from it will be used in the boiler. Extinguishing equipment is included in the product delivery, which increases fire safety.

The mixing tray that covers the entire bottom is at a steep angle to the feed screw. This ensures that even poorer-quality fuel will be pressed against the feed screw. In this case, the fuel is fed evenly, and the container will be emptied completely. The control unit controls the burner automatically according to commands from the boiler thermostat. The burning settings can be adjusted from the control panel. It is also possible to use the fan separately, and to rotate the screw forwards and backwards. Flame control automatics included in the product delivery.


Technical specifications:

Length, external dimension: 1610 mm

Width, external dimension: 770 mm

Height, external dimension: 1620 mm

Fuel container volume: 500 l

Capacity: 40 kW

Weight: 200 kg


flame control automatics,

GSM alarm

Images of the Vetomat – biomass heating device:

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