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Veto Chipmatic

Veto Chipmatic – biomass burner for solid fuel

Veto Turvehakematti

The Veto Chipmatic is a 40-120 kW biomass burner (for solid fuel), intended primarily for heating small and medium-sized premises. The standard size of the fuel container is 1 m³, and its volume can be increased with silo extensions. The silo extension options include: straight fuel silo extension, front loader conical fuel silo extension, or side filling fuel silo extension. The suitable types of fuel include: wood chips, peat, and pellets.

The precise adjustment of the feed device, the clean burning enabled by the right shaping of the burner head, and the automatics ensure that the combustion efficiency is high in the entire capacity range. The functionality has been tested by VTT, for example. As an accessory, a 80kW or 120 kW movable grate burner also available for the Veto Chipmatic.


Technical specifications:

Length, external dimension: 2400 mm

Width, external dimension: 800 mm

Height, external dimension: 1500 mm

Fuel tank volume: 1 m³

Capacity: 40 – 120 kW

Weight: 300 kg


movable grate burner,

flame control automatics,

GSM alarm,

Lambda control panel (Veto Control M),

feed screw extra metre (up to 5 m),

BVTS extinguisher valve (for the water supply system),

Straight extensions silo (1 m³),

Cone extension silo (1.7 m³),

Side filling silo (2.9 m³)

Images of the Veto Chipmatic – biomass burner:

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