Veto 220

Biomass boiler  Veto 220 kW

Veto 220 kW tuubikattila

Ala-Talkkari’s biomass boiler, Veto 220 biomass boiler is mainly intended for heating farms and larger premises. The new red-black appearance ensures that this boiler is pleasing to the eye. The gauge and the hatches are also more user-friendly than before. The orientation of the boiler can be chosen by the customer (e.g. the burner head on the left, on the right or at the front). Due to its user-friendliness and adaptability, the Veto 220 biomass boiler is a secure and domestic choice.

Technical information:

Length, external dimension: 1880 mm

Width, external dimension: 1070 mm

Height, external dimension: 1870 mm

Flue gas conduit (round): 190 x 400 mm

Flue gas conduit height from the floor (to the middle of the conduit): 325 mm

Domestic water coil: –

Heating circuit outputs: 1 x DN65 + 2 x 2”

Mixing valve: –

Electric resistance connector: –

Nominal capacity: 220 kW

Weight: 1850 kg

Water container: 850 l


pneumatic cleaner,

ash screw

More images of the Veto 220 kW biomass boiler:

PDF dimensional drawings of the Veto 220 biomass boiler:

The Veto 220, input on the left, maintenance at the front

The Veto 220, input at the front, maintenance on the left